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    coffeeHow can you get that imagination up and running after a bit of a slumber again? It’s time to awake!  We have a few quick tips on boosting creativity – straight from some creative geniuses themselves.

    Can’t Sleep? Embrace It!
    Leonardo da Vinci was known as a perfectionist, and he would spend hours on even the smallest little detail. Because of this he used to only take a quick nap every four hours, never more than two hours per day. If sleep stays away, make the most of it – awake – and get things done!

    On The Other Hand, Rather Take A Nap…
    The power nap is said to reduce stress and improve your thinking. Even Thomas Edison would often sleep while sitting up, and always with a handful of marbles. The moment he dropped the marbles he would wake up and write down all of the creative ideas in his head.

    Save Yourself….
    While Nikola Tesla was adored by many women, he was said to never give in to temptation. He claimed that the fact that he stayed celibate for 86 years brought him all the success as an inventor.

    Inspiration From Any Direction
    A desk that always faced north was required when Charles Dickens sat down to write. And when he went to bed at night his feet pointed south.

    If All Else Fails – Have A Cuppa Joe
    French novelist and playwright Honore de Balzac was said to work 16 hours a day, only fueled by around 50 cups of coffee.