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You can’t start the next chapter of your business if you keep re-reading your last one.
In the process of changing the way you think we thought of sharing some amazing facts about the brain.
The brain is the nerve centre of everything we will ever do, learn or experience. All our thoughts, emotions, heartbeats, breaths and blinks stems from this wrinkly mass of material in our heads.
The brain is the fastest and most powerful supercomputer.

Your child is playing at a braai. She reaches out to touch the hot cinders. You have only seconds to act. Accessing the signals coming from your eyes, your brain quickly calculates when, where, and at what speed you will need to dive to intercept her.
The order is given to the muscles to react. With perfect timing you reach out and grab her, pull her to safety! No man made computer can come close to your brain’s amazing ability to download, process, and react to the flood of information coming from your senses. The motor neurons that signals your body to react can move at the speed of 322km/h between your brain and your limbs

The brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb.

The brain contains about 100 billion microscopic cells called neurons. No matter what action you do, whether sleeping or walking, dancing or dreaming, these tiny electrical signals race at an incredible speed between millions of neurons and billions of tiny neuron highways to affect these physical processes. Unbelievably, the activity in our brains never stops. These neurons create and send more messages than all the phones in the world. Every single neuron creates a small amount of electricity. Incredibly, these billions of neurons can generate enough electricity to power a low-wattage light bulb.

The structure of the brain changes when we learn new things. Brain Power!

Kicking a ball seems impossible at first. But soon you master it. How?
As you practice, your brain sends messages along certain pathways of neurons over and over, forming new connections. The body learns to balance, lift a foot and exert power to kick the ball. In fact, the structure of your brain changes every time you learn, as well as whenever you have a new thought or memory.

Exercise makes you smarter.

Exercise makes your heart beat faster. It is great for your body and can even help improve your mood. Recently scientists learned that for a period of time after you’ve exercised, your body produces a chemical that makes your brain more receptive to learning.
So if you’re stuck on a business problem, go and get some exercise.
You just might just discover that you’re able to solve the problem