dollarWe value your business just as much as you do. That’s why we compiled just a few tips on increasing your brand value which in turn can make a positive impact on your bottom-line. Brands must always be fine-tuned to meet the needs of the consumer. The value of your brand isn’t what you think it is. It’s what everyone else thinks it is. Brands are like children. That’s why you have to provide them with everything they need to grow and honesty is a value that every brand and person should stand for. Communication is all about putting your best foot forward and getting the best results. In fact, communication is everything and everything is communication. Your brand value is priceless.

1. Identify your unique selling proposition and communicate it

Your interesting traits, preferences and idiosyncrasies are like fuel for a good brand. Have a think about what is particularly unique to you, and build it into how you present your brand’s message.

2. Show you care about presentation

Attention to detail is everything. From your business cards, to your website, advertising and social media show that you care about your brand, your service and the people you deal with.

3. Research the rest and do it differently

Know how your competition brands and sells themselves, then make your own brand entirely different and unique to you to so that you can stand out above the rest.

4. Hire talent

Make use of the expertise of other talented people to help build your brand based on your work and on what makes you tick. Here’s where our sound knowledge on branding could be a great help to you.

5. Whatever you think…think differently

Get out there and do interesting things, regularly pushing through your comfort zone. A fresh perspective will enrich your life and increase your confidence to convey your life’s mission and your brand’s message.

6. Streamline what you are selling

It’s much better to focus on becoming an expert at one thing, than being mediocre at several. It’s also much harder to promote yourself if you are ‘master’ of everything.

7. Define your core strength, and milk it

Ask yourself, “what do I do that I am most proud of?” and revolve what you do and the way you sell yourself, your business and your brand around that.

8. Have one primary communication channel

Is there a core communication channel that you use, or could use to communicate with prospective and current clients, more than any other? This form of communication will become synonymous with you and people will know where to find you.

9. Bring awareness to a cause

Contributing to the well-being of the world through dedication to a good cause is personally rewarding and adds depth to your brand. When you engage with clients and followers, people will not only become aware of and support your business, but the cause in question as well.

10. Business Ethics

A brand is a promise made and a promise kept. Compromising your integrity will affect your brand in the long run. Honouring good business practice should always be a part of your brand without question.