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    BridgesWe all know that first impressions count but consistently building your brand is just as important. In todays market that’s forever on the move how do you keep up and maintain consistency? Cinnabar is here to help you build the bridge between your marketing efforts and communicating effectively with your clients on a constant basis. Building with an experienced partner is essential. We cross the difficult bits so you don’t have to and look forward to taking your brand to new heights.  Building bridges since 2003.

    Shhh…do you hear that?

    The Tacoma Bridge in Washington State is a fascinating story. The bridge took 2 years to construct and was completed in 1940. A mere 4 months later it took less than a day to collapse. Why? This bridge was the victim of wind and sound. The wind produced a periodic frequency that was the same as the bridge’s natural frequency, and that aeroelastic flutter started a chain of motion that was unstoppable. The bridge structure went into entrainment with the wind and literally started to dance. The engineers had not properly considered the aerodynamic forces that were in play at the location during a period of strong winds. At the time of construction, such forces were not commonly taken into consideration by engineers and designers. Today acoustic engineers are consulted with for acoustics, noise and vibration control when constructing.

    The Tacoma Bridge was finally rebuilt in 1950.

    Interesting bridge facts

    • The longest suspension bridge for people and vehicle traffic is the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, spanning 1991 meters.
    • The highest suspension bridge in the world is the Millau  Viaduct in Southern France (270m above the valley floor).
    • The longest bridge is the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge in Eastern China, spanning 164 km.
    • The oldest bridge still in use is the Pons Fabricius, built in 62 BC by the Romans, used to connect the Campus Martius  with Tiber Island. This bridge is 203 feet long, and made of  bricks, rocks and limestone.

    Cinnabar – let us be your bridge between where you are and where you want to be.