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    horseExcellence comes from constantly adapting to ensure you stay ahead of the pack. For this reason it is important to monitor what is fresh in the marketplace, and to consult those in the know to help you achieve this.

    Once you discover a part of the winning formula, stick to it until it becomes a habit – much like the Spanish Riding School in our story below.

    Be more than ordinary… Put fresh ideas to work with your existing services and products. Customers are drawn to excellence and, once you pursue this, success is certain to follow.

    The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, has a 440 year old reputation for training the graceful and lively Lipizzaner horses in the art of dressage riding and classic horsemanship. At the age of four the most promising Lipizzaner stallions start off the standard six years of schooling at this institution.

    The horses are managed like top athletes. They receive individual attention, customized food plans and work schedules. A horse’s daily wellness program also includes magnet therapy, revitalizing water and ultraviolet and infrared solariums. On top of this a veterinarian visits them twice a week.

    Excellent horses deserve excellent riders. It will take a cadet up to twelve years to qualify for the task.

    But the end result speaks for itself… Years of practice comes together when a Lipizzaner performs to the highest level of perfection.

    What you put in is what you get out – start investing in the foundations of excellence today.

    It is all about excellence