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    July_2015_iconNot all of us are created equal in the good-looks department.
    Here at Cinnabar we believe that the sun shines on everyone, and in that spirit we have compiled a short list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to your picture on LinkedIn.

    On social media sites such as Facebook and Google+ it is not such a big deal, but LinkedIn is a social media sharing site for the business professional.

    Take heed…all is not lost. Follow these simple tips to look at your best

    LinkedIn Profile Photo – what not to do.

    Ensure that your potential clients see the best side of you.

    • Do not use outdated photos. If it is black and grey, and originally developed in a darkroom, you just know it is too old to use. An updated photo shows that you have invested in your personal brand.
    • Do not use “party photos” for a profile picture. Show that you are serious about what you do. No matter how boring that might sound.
      Use natural lighting in your photo. Too dramatic lighting and you might scare everyone off. (Unless of course you are in the business of scary!)
    • Do not look like a bachelor. Enough said. That dreamy look with wispy hair and the sunlight streaming down you gleaming face. It’s a no go!
    • Do not frown, or look angry, or upset. Basically, try to look at your best. And remember to smile – not smirk. A smile goes a long way.
    • No hamsters, dogs, cats, reptiles, fish – No animals. Ever. Your LinkedIn profile is about you, not your loved ones.
    • Skip the selfies. We know you want to use that picture you took with your selfie-stick, sitting on Table Mountain with the city way below. Don’t. Selfies are OK for Facebook and Google+.
    • Last but not least. Resist the urge not to have a picture at all. Remember, you are way more beautiful than the current LinkedIn silhouette picture.

    Cinnabar – making you look good.