circlePerfectly proportioned. Sometimes you see a design that just ‘feels right’. It’s effective and perfectly balanced. Chances are it is based on mathematic principles, and you are drawn to it because it communicates in a natural language.

The Golden Ratio (1.618) is said to be the perfect proportion in architecture, design, art, the human body and in nature. It is seen as universal and harmonic, and it dramatically improves the communication of your design.

Here at Cinnabar, we are fluent in Proportion. Perfectly proportioned. Let us help you perfect your ratios!

Finding Fibonacci & the Golden Ratio

In Nature: The spiral pattern of conch shells traces out a perfect Fibonacci spiral shape, while many flowers have a special number of petals. You’ve guessed it – a Fibonacci number!

In Art: The Mona Lisa’s figure traces out a Fibonacci spiral. The ratio of the distance from Leonardo da Vinci’s Ventruvian Man’s feet to his stomach to the distance from the man’s stomach to his head is approximately the golden ratio.

In Architecture: The Pyramids of Giza were constructed on the basis of the golden ratio, and the Parthenon, constructed by the Greeks, has the golden ratio present in many different places.

In Effective Company Logos: Take a closer look at the logos of National Geographic, BP, Toyota and Pepsi and see if you can spot the use of perfect proportion principles.