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    bikeSmall Beginnings – It is important to have big dreams. You should know where you want your path to lead to. But to get there you have to break it down in small steps, and start off from scratch.

    As you’ll see below, the world’s most profitable companies started where they were, with what they had (which in most cases was not much!). Over many years and countless small steps they reached their goals, and still continue to grow.

    Don’t get overwhelmed by the size of your dream. Focus on what you can do today to (even slightly) move in the right direction. Every step counts!

    The friends did not give up however, and their next version was built in a small shed in the Davidson’s backyard. It had a bigger engine, and in September 1904 it placed fourth when it competed in a Milwaukee motorcycle race.

    From humble beginnings with three bikes sold in 1905 out of the Davidson’s shed, today the Harley Davidson empire has dealerships in more than 100 countries worldwide. Over the course of 113 years every little step mattered.

    “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” Lao Tzu