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    It is this time of the year again. The seasons are changing and summer is winking at us. Apart from the obvious changes we can see in our gardens and homes, we sometimes forget that our businesses also go through seasons. For longer established businesses as well as for new endeavours, it is important to make changes within our establishments, keep the forward momentum, and keep staff organised and motivated.

    Here are some tips for a healthy business spring-clean:

    Social Media and Website
    Google your business and see what your electronic footprint really is. Have a friend or colleague look at your content and see if it still relevant in your current trading practice. If not, rewrite, rethink and repost. Make sure that your brand or business is presented with its best foot forward. This goes for your website as well as other social media like Facebook and Instagram.

    Don’t just go and fire everyone. Look at your current workforce and decide whether everyone is working in their right and optimal space. If not, reshuffle, re-staff, or in the worst case scenario, fire. It is pointless employing staff that do not have your best interests at heart.

    Business Plans
    When was the last time you took stock of your initial company vision and mission? Are you still on track? Take time to look at your original business plan and see if it needs adjusting. Once you have a firm business plan established it is much easier to set and achieve goals.

    Long-term Goals
    Your business plan should include short and long-term goals. Pin them down, and get to it!

    We all suffer from email overload. Organise your business and private emails and delete the rest. Setup spam-folders, and reject quick money making schemes outright. Automatically your days will be less cluttered.

    The Office
    That place you call home between 8 and 4, or 5 or 6. The office. Clean it out. Literally. Delve into your filing cabinets and under the tables. Find lost staplers and old pizza boxes stuffed in the cleaning closet.

    THROW. IT. OUT. There is a joy in a clean office and a clean desk with clean uncluttered drawers. (No pun intended)

    OK, so it seems the last one is a tough one, but for the rest, it is surely attainable. Spring-clean now, before it is too late.

    Cinnabar – Happy cleaning